Accelerated Equity Insights was co-founded in 2021 by Dr. Ted Thornhill and Marie Bigham to provide postsecondary education admission offices an opportunity to analyze their effectiveness in handling communication with equity and timeliness. 

 Our team is able to work alongside colleges and universities as they analyze communication data, execute action plans for training admissions counselors, and establish systems and structures for quarterly follow-up audits and evaluations. 

 By partnering with us, admissions offices are able to implement our program to ensure that every voice is heard and has the same opportunities. With Accelerated Equity Insights, postsecondary education gains a valuable tool in establishing high standards of communication.

Company Timeline

Fall 2018
Dr. Ted Thornhill Publishes Article
Fall 2020
Dr. Ted Thornhill Publishes Article
Spring 2021
Accelerated Equity Insights is Established

Accelerated Equity Insights incorporated is established by Co-Founders Dr. Ted Thornhill and Marie Bigham.

Fall 2021
Partnership Begins
Proof of Concept Partners are Chosen

Texas Christian University and Queens University of Charlotte onboard as Proof of Concept partners. 

September 2022
Building Program Begins
Building Program

Started building our analytics program with goal of completing by March 2023.

October 2022
Presentation of Program at 2022 NACAC Conference
NACAC Conference Presentation

Accelerated Equity Insights hosts an event at the 2022 NACAC Conference where 100+ professionals are presented with an overview of our analytics program and learn more about our mission.