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Interface that will allow users to audit email communications for equity and timeliness of admissions professionals.


Collaborate closely alongside colleges and universities to ensure communication is held to a higher standard.


Analyze collected data to create and execute action plans for training and other remediations. 


Establishing systems and structures for quarterly follow-up audits and evaluations.


During quarterly follow ups, AE Insights is with you every step of the way to provide training and support.


Partnership will allow every voice to be heard and provide students of all backgrounds an equal chance to complete a post secondary education.

At Accelerated Equity Insights, we are empowering university admission offices to enhance and monitor their communication practices. 

We believe every interaction should be handled with equity and timeliness.

With our program you can:

Demonstrate commitment to equity through measurable change.

Ensure compliance with institutional policy and
accreditation directives.

Improve diversity recruitment goals through equitable communication practices.

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