A New Resource for Admissions Professionals

The purpose of this blog, first and foremost, is to be an unbiased resource for admissions professionals within the higher education space. 

 Here are some examples of the different types of content you can expect to see coming from this blog in the near future…

  • Updates on everything pertaining to the SCOTUS admissions cases
  • Tips and tricks to improve DEI within your college or university
  • Insights into what other higher ed institutions are doing to improve inclusion and celebrate diversity throughout their campuses
  • Reporting on any new and relevant higher ed surveys and studies that have been conducted and released by accredited,  trust-worthy sources
  • In-depth highlights from the various higher ed, admissions, and/or diversity-focused conferences and presentations that we attend
  • AEI Company Updates –  news on any new products and/or services we offer, new funding we’ve acquired, events we are sponsoring, etc

AEI Blog

3 Ways to Combat Bias in Higher Education, Starting with Admissions

Promoting equity in higher education admissions is a challenge that institutions are currently facing. In order to create a diverse and inclusive environment for student applicants, it is necessary to...

SCOTUS Decision: What can higher education institutions do while we await a decision on affirmative action

Students, admissions professionals, and social justice advocates are standing by for a landmark Supreme Court decision that will determine if affirmative action will be upheld or overturned. The...
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